Kris Gobeli

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Project Description

Instructor Name: Kris Gobeli

1. What classes do you teach?
CORE DE FORCE (in all caps on purpose) 😉

2. What certifications do you hold?

3. Favorite part of teaching classes?
Watching as the participants learn, grow and master the routine!! And I also enjoy pushing the participants further than what they think they can do and show them what they are actually capable of!

4. Why do you teach group fitness?
I have a huge passion for fitness. I believe that fitness is not only good for the body but also increases people’s self confidence and is a great stress reliever!

5. What motivates you?
Seeing others succeed!

6. Favorite quote?
Don’t let success go to your head or failure go to your heart.

7. What is your career outside of teaching group fitness?
VP at Fidelity Bank and Trust.

8. Family:
Husband, Lucas and two daughters, Hannah and Daphne

9. How long have you been teaching group fitness?
January 2018

10. What is your biggest struggle:

11. What is your favorite food:
Filet with crab stuffed shrimp from the Big Steer restaurant in Altoona.

Kris Gobeli BE Fitness Group Fitness Instructor